Who we are

Ebene'S Garden was started by two Afropreneur women who dreamed of creating an e-commerce bridge between Africa, the Caribbean and France.  With this e-commerce platform, Afro-Caribbean products have more visibility and are more accessible.

Our vision

"EBENE'S GARDEN” becomes an essential marketplace in the Afro-Caribbean scene by showcasing a wide range of authentic, mainly handmade products and books related to our cultures and craftsmanship. Everything will be available on our website, making it unnecessary to ask family "back home" to send local products.

Our mission

After wax fabric made its appearance on haute couture catwalks, in 2019 the beauty of black women, with all our diversity, was highlighted at prestigious beauty contests.

In June 2020, with the launch of our Ebene'S Garden website, we started increasing the accessibility of our Afropreneurs' creations in fashion, decoration and art. We will continue to share our knowledge of natural products to pamper our skin and ebony curls with other Afro-descendants.

We have many other treasures and crafts to show you, such as aromatherapy and medicinal plants, just to name a few.

Our mission is to make available what is currently inaccessible, while contributing to the development of

Our concept

The heart of our concept is: "We're Nappy, we wear wax, but do we know our history?"

Today, our clothing styles and our hair are means for us to reclaim our heritage  and our legacy.

Ebene'S Garden is more than just a business venture based on products showing the beauty and richness of the Afro-Caribbean culture. We are also a vehicle for awakening and creating awareness in order to understand and reclaim our history, thus contributing to the renewal of our community.

Our goals

1. Promote Afro-Caribbean Culture and Craftsmanship

2. Combating the sale of lower cost Chinese reproductions

3. Develop greater visibility of our Afropreneurs' creations

4. Increase our Afropreneurs’ sales revenue

5. Support the development of local artisans

6. Promote our designers, artisans and artists to preserve our values and traditions

7. Share our designers, artisans and artists’ passion with everyone

8. Make our books available to all

9. Help Afro-descendants to grow by giving them everything they will need for their cultural revival.

10. Passing on OUR history to future generations