Refunds, returns and exchanges for sellers

Rules and conditions for returns

As an ''Ebène'S'' customer, you will have 14 days from when you receive your order to return items according to European laws and the Hamon law.

 The product matches image and description and has no defect: the return costs are at the expense of the customer.

The product does not match image or description and has defects: the return costs are at the expense of the seller.

Once the 14-day period has passed

After the 14-day period, each seller is responsible for their terms and conditions of sale for any returns, exchanges and refunds.

Return procedures:

1. Your item has been damaged during transport or does not match the product description on Ebène'S Garden’s platform

Follow these directions:

●       Click on "Oops, I've got a problem!" in the seller's conversation thread. 

Your payment will be suspended until you reach an agreement with the seller. Otherwise, the payment will be sent to the seller, and a refund via Ebène'S Garden will no longer be possible.

●       Send photos of the incorrect and/or transport-damaged item to the seller.

Only the following will be considered as proof:

●       The item with clearly visible damaged parts

●       The packaging with external damage

●       Showing how the item that does not match the seller's description

    •  Contact the seller in order to find a solution regarding the refund and/or the possible return of the incorrect item.

1.1.  You have reached an agreement with the seller 

●        You return the item to the seller

1. Inform the seller directly of the return of the product

2.  Provide your tracking number so that a refund can be processed.

3. Verify that you have been refunded or that your product has been exchanged.

Important: No refunds will be issued without a valid tracking number.

● You keep the incorrect item

 In your conversation thread with the seller, click on “Resolve Issue”, then “Confirm”. We will then forward the payment to the seller.

1.2.    You were unable to reach an agreement regarding the refund?

● Write us at servicequalité and include:

○ Your first and last name

○ The name of the seller

○ Your order number

○ What item you bought

○ A description of the problem

This will allow us to review the problem and make a decision.

1.2.1. Ebène'S Garden authorizes the item’s return

After reviewing your email and we authorize the return of the item:

- Ship the item to the seller within 5 days via a tracked shipping method.

- Provide us with a valid tracking number

Except in rare cases, we will proceed with your refund as soon as we receive your valid tracking number.

Important: If you do not ship within the 5 day deadline, we will authorize the transaction and forward the payment to the seller.

1.2.2. Ebène'S Garden does not authorize the item’s return

If we do not authorize the return, the payment is sent to the seller and the transaction is therefore finalized.

2. The item purchased does not meet your expectations

In this case, we unfortunately cannot grant a refund unless, of course, the seller accepts the return if  you have reached an agreement, and you will then make arrangements directly with the seller for the conditions of the return.

3.        Return costs

Unless an agreement has been reached between you and the seller, the shipping costs for returns are at your expense. At this time, Ebène's Garden does not provide shipping receipts.

Please note: In certain cases when you strongly suspect that the received item is counterfeit, we may ask you to cooperate with us by keeping the item until we have made a decision.

Ebène'S Garden refund policy:

In what cases can I be refunded directly by Ebène'S Garden?

When you pay for an item via the Buy button, your purchase is covered by our Buyer Protection applicable to all our Ebène'S.

Thanks to our Buyer Protection, you can receive a refund if the order:

● Has not been delivered,

● Notably does not match the seller's description (in the absence of an agreement with the seller)

● Has been damaged during delivery (in the absence of an agreement with the seller)

● Has been cancelled by Ebène'S Garden,

● Has been cancelled by you or the seller

Unfortunately, if you are unsatisfied with the item or it simply does not suit you, it is not possible to ask Ebène'S Garden for a refund. In this situation, we advise that you contact the seller for a possible refund by returning the item.